Is Narendra Modi our Batman?

What would you do to rule the biggest democracy in the world? How far will you go? The Bhartiya Janta Party is the only party which has truly, conspicuously answered these questions in the best way, by actually making their intentions clear with…. actions. Be it paving the path for a junior who has been constrained to his state or politely derailing the unfathomed senior most, the BJP set the chord straight by nominating Narendra Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. Although it did take a long drama for the inception of the official political war for the 2014 elections, the BJP has had its best start; at least it has got a start.

NaMo has become a household topic but not entirely a jubilatory one. The string of victories coupled with the inescapable progress (victory and progress are two different aspects) in Gujarat purport him to be tailor-made for the PM. His wise demeanour of bhaiyoon aur behenoon contradictory to the cliché ranting BHAIYOON AUR BEHENOON makes him compassionate and understanding with the masses. Besides, he is the only speaker whose commentary is more of hope, peace and extravagant dreams and less but not limited to the failures of others. Modi not only regrets the system’s failure but also explains its dynamics, thus showing his calibre for governance. This cultivates his uniqueness as a persona who has larger things to do. He includes the people in his missions instead of singly glorifying them with himself. In this volatile system, it is his unbroken consistency that lures the people towards him.

The unfortunate riots of 2002 have always been appalling for Modi’s career.  His inability to satisfactory answers on this has led to the opposition taming him on a regular basis. Technically speaking, every party has seen riots in their rule across India. But a blot is a blot, and this one is big. The alleged fake encounters have further sullied his image. Despite Gujarat’s progress, poverty and unemployment are still significant in the state. The biggest dilemma today in the minds of the people is the issue of Mulsims. This wavering issue is undying and will be the deciding catalyst in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. The development of Gujarat, which not all states’ CMs can boast of, is used in an attempt to cut some slack for him.

India is in a deplorable state attributed to corruption, inflation, terrorism, women security and much more. There is no national leader today who can match up to Modi. Not having any significant competition is Modi’s biggest indirect gain. NaMo has become bigger than BJP for the nation. Despite his positives Modi has his flaws which cannot be ignored. The magical, rather lustful figure of 272 has eluded the NDA for a decade. Every seat counts. The recent ordinance allowing convicts to run proves that since there is only one convicted member. The other ministers have their cases in process, hence not convicted yet. The NDA will lose ground after its fallout with Nitish Kumar’s JDU. But don’t be surprised if Raj Thakray covers some of it with a wild card support for his likeable Narendra Modi in spite of his open dislike towards BJP.

India is the largest democracy in the world. It deserves someone charismatic, dynamic, flawless, and most importantly honest. The truth is that India deserves more than Narendra Modi. Also the truth is that India needs him right now. Does this ironically make NaMo Batman? A hero we don’t deserve, but the one we need right now!