Indian Politics: Game of Thrones premieres December 8

Semi-finals! The forthcoming state elections have been declared and the people are already calling it the semi-finals to final Lok Sabha elections of 2014. Some say semi-final is an exaggeration. Actually it’s mitigation. The truth is that these state elections are the first innings of the final itself. Score as much as you can because a good start is half the work done.  The people of Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram will cast their votes within about three weeks, hence the rising political tension. The notion of a change in power has gripped the nation since the Karnataka results earlier this year.

Delhi is anticipated to be the most enigmatic territory. The Congress is rigid on maintaining its momentum but this firmness has not one but two super strong oppositions, the Bhartiya Janata Party and the Aam Aadmi Party. The BJP has seen a charismatic fountainhead in Narendra Modi, whose recent speech in Delhi was received grandly. The novice AAP has been diligent and industrious from a year. Their transparency has made their run elementary. Arvind Kejriwal’s challenge to take Sheela Dikshit head on is worth waiting.

Big states have big victories and big defeats. What Madhya Pradesh is to BJP is exactly what Rajasthan is to Congress. The BJP looks super confident on a hat trick in MP and Chhattisgarh. Retaining Rajasthan is going to be emphatic for Congress.

The party which has the best overall success in these elections will be a front runner in the Lok Sabha elections next year. Although the AAP is fighting in only Delhi, it can use this to its own advantage. A win in Delhi for AAP will officially render them as trustworthy. They can wield this victory to show immediate development by the arrival of the Lok Sabha polls in May 2014. The BJP has displayed a turnaround uprising. Narendra Modi’s nomination as the Prime Ministerial candidate has propelled them to the zenith. The party has become a talking point nationwide overnight. The Congress will ride on its unfathomed success in the Centre which is every party’s dream. The uplifting of Rahul Gandhi will be an interesting watch.

This first innings is all set to show us a thousand hues of Indian politics. With just six months for the Lok Sabha polls after the results of all these states on December 8, it is imperative for each party to win against all odds. The people from the remaining states of India will definitely consider these results highly to decide on pressing the worthy button next year. The inception of the real game of thrones will be after these results when the frontrunners and aspiring comeback makers will be unveiled.


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