Sherlock Season Preview: Analysis of how he faked it


What’s your theory? That’s what their first poster for the third season asked. Sherlock Holmes definitely knew what was in store for him on the roof. He knew he had to take the leap. So he hatched two plans. One, which was obvious, to fake the death. Two, which I think, play a mind-game game with Jim Moriarty which would leave Jim with a singular choice of killing himself to defeat him; hence getting rid of Moriarty once for all. A live Moriarty is smart enough to know of a fake death when he sees one.

Molly’s involvement seems inescapable. Switching DNA’s could be her task. But since her involvement is mentioned with indirect surety, it can also be a trap for the audience to distract us from something or someone more significant, courtesy of the master writer Steven Moffat. Sherlock makes John Watson stand at a particular spot to hear his “note”. This is a spot from where John can see Sherlock falling for the roof, but surprise, he cannot see Sherlock’s impact on the ground. Another straightforward fact is that the cyclist who rams into Watson buys some time for Sherlock. A truck loaded with body sized packages is parked right along the road next to a marked walking pavement. This truck unusually drives away just after the “death”.

There are many other things purposely fed to the audience to have possible alternate theories so that there cannot be one predictable ultimate standout resolution to the Reichenback Fall, or are these theories part of one big theory? The kidnapped girl in the last episode is scared to death when Sherlock sees her for the first time. Did Moriarty have a double of Sherlock to scare the girl; and did Sherlock get hold of him? The involvement of Mycroft Holmes cannot be ignored. He has the power and personal intelligence to accomplish such an act. Sherlock is blackmailed over Watson, Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson on the roof. But in the teaser of Season 3 we hear Sherlock saying “the one person who did not matter to me at all was the person who mattered to me the most”. Could this person be Mycroft Holmes? One fact is clear irrespective of that question. The fact that Mycroft Holmes knew that Sherlock Holmes faked his death right from the moment he learnt of his death.

Sherlock premiers on New Year’s Day on BBC One. The fans have had a long wait which could not be quenched by the mini-episode on Christmas. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the first demand of 2014. We can be assured of a lot of brain work from our resourceful, dynamic and enigmatic persona; although we might get to know how he faked it only at the end of the first episode. Till then spread the word, #SherlockLives!


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