Arvind Kejriwal is Delhi’s “Baazigar”


The Delhi Police escorted the man who they had tyrannically beaten up last year. Arvind Kejriwal swore to become the youngest Chief Minister New Delhi had ever witnessed, and the most historic CM India had ever seen. He took power only to transfer it immediately to the people. It was the maiden oath taken in a public domain. The Ramlila Maidaan rose to a tumultuous acknowledgement to the man who looked no different from themselves, dressed in simple old clothes and sweater just like that public servant we see outside but don’t care about.

Kejriwal, 45, addressed the 80,000 crowd after taking a 30 minute metro to the venue. He shunned the VIP culture and within hours the red lights on the Ambassadors vanished. He took office for six hours on the first day, a Saturday, and transferred nine IAS officers. He requested the people to grant him 10 days to show a significant change. The other ministers Manish Sisodiya, Somnath Bharti, Satyender Jain, Rakhi Birla, Girish Soni and Sourabh Bharadhwaj have formed an anti-corruption retaliation force with their CM.

Kejriwal’s  Aam Aadmi Party won 28 seats in the 70 seat constituency and formed a minority government with the external support of the deplorable Congress’ 8 seats to get the exact majority figure of 36. Lashed in all directions by the BJP, the majority party with 32 seats, AAP took their final decision by another historic connection with the people. 257 out of 280 public meetings signaled an affirmation to the party to form the government with the Congress. Social activist Anna Hazare is rumored to have an ego clash with Kejriwal right from the day of the surprising results, inspite of their earlier ideological differences in the path towards a corruption-free nation. A few people on the internet are now comparing Anna to Vinod Kambli for his missed opportunity to super-stardom.

AAP’s jubilation has been controlled by the 3rd January deadline on which they have to prove their majority with the Congress. The Congress has shown ambiguous intentions but their best play will be to pass the majority. Such is the nature of momentum of this century old party that it never fails to find itself in a win-win situation. Withdrawing support will make their already anticipated huge loss in the Lok Sabha polls even for embarrassing. The BJP has become a very sensible party right from ascendance of Narendra Modi.

Mumbai is the city of personal dreams in India. Delhi has just become the city of national dreams, apart from being the city of power, now people’s power. Politics in India has transformed into a revolution. Arvind Kejriwal’s Twiiter followers are increasing exponentially now. His rise has the recurring recipe to rise higher. He reminds us of Shahrukh Khan saying that the real player (baazigar) is the one who wins after losing.


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