Narendra Modi is “King of Biggest Democracy”


“It’s time to live for India, not die for India.”

Narendra Modi’s words after his thumping victory will remain till the end of time. NaMo will be India’s only Prime Minister to be born after independence, hence the perception to live for the nation. Frankly stating, no one, not even Modi, must have imagined the real “congress” of Indians in this historic election.

Narendra Modi’s Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) clinched 282 seats to achieve a clinical majority against the required 272 (out of 543) in the 16th Lok Sabha. Its National Democratic Alliance (NDA) further breezed on to 336 seats. The Congress could only salvage a meagre 44 and the Union Progressive Alliance (UPA) could tally just 58 seats. The BJP clean swept Gujarat (26), Rajasthan (25) and Delhi (7).

A year ago, the Congress and BJP both faced leadership crises. BJP was rescued by NaMo, but the Congress failed (and may still) to find a leader. NaMo steered through his opponents after being declared as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate. His speeches were targeted to the family-centred politics of the Gandhis, the mammoth corruption expositions of 2G, coal, CWG, Adarsh and a lot more. But he didn’t limit himself to just that. He boasted of what the Congress did not have-an example of development, Modi’s Gujarat model. He used this model in every speech to spark hope in the people. After all, he could not win banking solely on pessimistic statements. NaMo never lost control in any speech or interview, driving the nation where he wanted.

India is famed for its unity in diversity. But only Indians know that this unity is seldom visible in elections. Majority of Indian political parties were established on the name of religion, caste and region. The mere colors of the party flags will tell you the chronicles of their vote bank. It is for the first instance in Indian history that dalits (considered as the lowest caste in India who hence gave up Hinduism) and Muslims have unanimously given their mandate to the BJP (a party devoted to Hinduism). Kudos to the state of Uttar Pradesh, always taken for granted to vote their caste and religion, for having given a stupendous 71 seats out of 80 to Modi’s BJP. Modi himself had fountain-headed UP by contesting from Varanasi.

An elated Narendra Modi now carries the aspirations of over a billion people. Jobs, economy, security, water, electricity, infrastructure are still the words we utter. Will one step by every Indian indeed take India a billion steps ahead? It’s the season of hope!