Review: Edge of Tomorrow is Tom Cruise’s manifestation led sci-fi blockbuster


Live…Die…Repeat. The Repeat part is the ultimate seduction in Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow. The last film with looping time we saw was Source Code. This is obviously the biggest canvas for these kinds of stories. Edge of Tomorrow is a film which could only be ridden by Cruise owing his enviable filmography .

Unlike his typical role, Tom plays a hapless Major William Cage who ends up as a soldier in the invasion of alien creatures called Mimics. He kills a creature but succumbs himself with the creature’s blood all over his face, only to wake up again at the start of the day, as a soldier again. One fine repeat of the day in the war, he finds our pretty Emily Blunt. Blunt plays Rita Vrataski, the famous hero in the invasion of Verdun. She believes in Cage’s time looping story, which others take as tales, by confessing that she too had this power during her stint at Verdun. Together they set out to win the war with Cage’s “cheat code”.

Tom Cruise just doesn’t age. He is too awesome even if his character is not his cliché confident type. Emily Blunt is sublime but is nothing more than a sidekick. Doug Liman does superb as a director. There are some hilarious death scenes. Bill Paxton (Master Sergeant Farell) and Brendan Glesson (General Brigham) are a treat. Editor James Herbert has a very important role in this looping story. He fares just well. There is a total of more than a couple of minutes of the film which should have been deleted. The cinematography is just majestic.

Edge of Tomorrow is definitely a stereotype Tom Cruise film. The best part is that the action never ceases. You might wanna sleep over some editing follies to enjoy this one.



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