Review: Rise of an Empire sails victorious without the winds of comparisons


It begins as a whisper. Well, it really does! And it accelerates to battle cries in a blink. 300: Rise of an Empire is the gratification to the lust of Zack Synder’s 2007 cult blockbuster 300. It’s less of a sequel and more of a side-quel. This time there will be blood in the water, oh wait! There’s fire as well!

Leonidas and his 300 are at war with Xerxes’ infinite army. Rise of an Empire is what unfurls parallel to this. Greek general Themistokles, Sullivan Staplelton, leads the Greek’s slender navy against Xerxes’ emphatic navy. Eva Green’s Artemisia leads the Persian navy expecting a cake walk. Then there is thick blood in every inch of the screen. A list of ambitious commanders from Artemisia is tormented by Themistokles’ tactics only to scorch the erotic scene of the movie. Sullivan Stapleton is exceptional in his role, though he won’t garner many cheers due to the obvious comparisons with Gerrard Butler. Eva Green is the heart and soul of the film. She rides it, amps it at her will. Lena Headey has a miniscule role, but she manages her influence easily, after her skyrocketed fame after Game of Thrones. You get her when you want her onscreen.

Director Noam Murro has made an impact with his unique style. The visuals are realistic, brave and bold. The cinematography is fantastic. The story is fine but the screenplay could have been better.Rise of an Empire is quite convincing as a standalone thought, but the comparison with its predecessor may not quench the thirst of everyone especially since not many know about it being a side-quel. If you’d be a little lenient on comparisons you’d end up enjoying this massacre.




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