Trailer Review: Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year is royal and dramatic

The most awaited trailer of Bollywood is out. Every Shah Rukh Khan fan awaits his annual phenomenon. No sooner did Chennai Express become a blockbuster than we started anticipating his next. Farah Khan created her own cinema with SRK in Main Hoon Naa(2004) and took it to its epitome with Om Shanti Om(2007). Why do Farah and King Khan find themselves on the same page? Drama! Drama! Drama! Farah makes it so much dramatic. That’s the only thing literally separating her from Rohit Shetty. Otherwise both go high on action, songs and radiance.

The film looks totally ostentatious. The makers have been smart to use the New Year celebrations’ visuals of Dubai. Had they done it by themselves it would have blown the budgets of Bollywood. The story seems unmistakably predictable, which people take out the most on SRK. Six losers are participants in a World Dance Competition only to rob diamonds (no guesses. We are stealing diamonds since decades).Write about Shah Rukh and you really forget the supporting cast better known as fillers in his movies. Deepika Padukone is pretty as a Marathi dancer. I seriously don’t know what to write about Abhishek Bachchan. But I’m happy he is just doing (or getting) second fiddle roles. Boman Irani will have his moments. I wonder what will be Vivaan’s screen time. There is this non-orthodox antagonist played by Jackie Shroff.

What Farah states clearly in this trailer is that HNY is more of a musical. The trailer is embedded with teasers of three songs. There is this chorus of “Radhe Radhe” from a song which may have more to do with dramatic introductions. The second one which has words like “I’m feeling all right…. Non-sense ki night” is a funny track. The last song called Indiawaale might be the last song in the film and the grandest in it.

I always laugh at Aamir Khan for his constant efforts to outdo SRK as a better promoter, not questioning his acting. There is no actor, director, producer or some outsourced dude who can beat Shah Rukh at marketing. This Khan got Yash Raj Films to buy the worldwide rights at 125cr. He sold the satellite rights at 65cr and music rights at 12cr. That’s a total of Rs.202cr before its release. For the first has a trailer been launched on Whatsapp before Youtube. He now has his worldwide Slam tour which will spin even more millions of rupees by the time HNY hits the screens. Damn! He might go more than a total of 500cr after the release.

You can love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore Shah Rukh Khan. I have a feeling that Farah Khan is going to go the most dramatic Bollywood has ever gone with the Badshaah giving some serious life lessons in some scenes. First day first show this Diwali to watch todenge taale Indiawaale!


Review: Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy is a sleek, crazy and extravagent sci-fi


We all fall for the seductive notion of some kind of superpower, especially if it’s just us in the world. That’s why it’s called superpower. Many writers have played and manipulated this idea with Transcendence and Limitless being the latest consequences. Luc Besson’s Lucy is a better culmination than atleast these two. The premise being that a human uses less than 10% of his brain.

Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a regular college girl with an obviously jerk boyfriend who forces her to deliver a briefcase having “documents”. Suddenly the jolly jerk is killed and Lucy is taken by a drug lord. The briefcase contains a blue drug which is the sci-fi element of the film. The drug is surgically inserted into her stomach and Lucy becomes the courier. But the ravenous minions molest her and beat her up. A recurrent of kicks on her stomach and the drug leaks into Lucy’s system, slating one of the most dramatic inceptions of superpower. Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) is small parallel character. Norman is the best expert on the brain but his theories are a mere speculation since no human has used 20 or 30 or 50 or 100% of his brain. Lucy contacts him and confronts that his theories are right. She has 24 hours before her body becomes incapable of handling her.

Luc Besson had to keep the critics at bay before writing this one. He has knowingly not cared much about the ambiguous existing scientific theories about the brain. But he manages a perfect equilibrium between theories and entertainment, purposely compromising on scientific details. Lucy knows telekinesis. She can control humans, a dozen of them in a second. She doesn’t feel pain. She can still remember the taste of her mother’s milk, change her physical structure. She can eventually travel in time.

The 90 minutes film is paced fast and is high on adrenaline action. Nobody knows what we can do by using 100% of our brain. So it’s better to dump the contradicting scientific theories and enjoy this fun ride with the beautiful lady.