Top 10 movie posters of 2015

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Some of 2015 movie posters have been amazing, especially our superhero movie posters!

Frankly 2014 had better posters than 2015.

10. The Martian



9. Dope


8.  The End of the Tour



7. Avengers: Age of Ultron



6. Macbeth


5. Raiders



4. Spectre



3. Kingsman: The Secret Service



2. Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter



1.  Ant-Man



Top 10 movies of 2012


2012 had a host of anticipated films. Almost all of them turned into blockbusters. There are easily more than 20 awesome movies. It’s been a puzzle picking the top 10.

 1. The Avengers


Give me Iron Man or Thor alone and I’ll watch the movie again and again. But if you give me both of them in a single movie that too with Captain America, Hulk and the beautiful Scarlet Johansson, I’ll watch it everyday. The Avengers was the first notable movie to feature standalone superheroes together, and we jumped on it.

2. The Dark Knight Rises 


The culmination of the epic The Dark Knight trilogy was definitely the most awaited movie of 2012. The capped crusader returning on screen after 4 years with both Chris’s (Nolan and Bale) confirming it their last ride made it so. The Dark Knight Rises was an epic indeed. Christian Bale is the best Batman.

3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


I have no words for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I might just watch it on mute and still won’t be able to give justice to its picturesque visuals. Besides, it has a hell of a story and cast.

4. The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games is the adaptation of Suzanne Collin’s bestseller of the same name. The pretty Jennifer Lawrence is the heart and soul of this dystopian film.

5. Skyfall


The 50th anniversary of James Bond is called Skyfall. It is definitely style to its epitome. No wonder it made more money than The Dark Knight Rises.

6. Men in Black 3


Ten years after MIB2, Will Smith returned with Men In Black 3. This man does not age. The movie was one of the funniest of 2012. Only Smith can pull off such characters.

7. Argo


Argo introduced a new kind of cinema created by Ben Affleck. Its superb script and supreme direction are lessons in cinema. The Oscar wanted this movie.

8. Ted


Seth Macfarlane’s Ted is the best R-rated comedy next to The Hangover. It’s hilarious and yes,there’s a sequel coming.

9. Madagascar 3


Madagascar 3 is easily the best animation movie till 2012. Its colourful never-ending 3D is an experience you cannot afford to miss.

10. Silver Linings Playbook

silver linings

David O Russel’s Silver Linings Playbook is his life’s best work. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence strike a brilliant chemistry to make this film a must watch.