Top 10 movies of 2014


2014 was a year anticipated for the inception of film franchises, sci-fis and most of them turned out to be superb. Interstellar, Gone Girl and Guardians of the Galaxy delivered more than anyone expected.

1. Interstellar


Interstellar is Christopher Nolan’s best as a writer and easily the best original screenplay of 2014. This space odyssey about the survival of the human race has its unexpected twists and theories making it the most accomplished film of the year with Mathew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain delivering supreme performances.

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past


They are all back together and the fun of all X-Men movies is summed up into this extravaganza. X-Men: Days of Future Past is a meticulous display of taut writing and scintillating performances. This feature film exceeds your massive expectations by reasons only known to its makers.

3. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies


The final chapter of the Hobbit series is the best fantasy movie of the year. Bilbo Baggin’s journey back again to the Shire from Erebor is not as easy as it seemed. Armies of Dwarves, Elves, Men and Orcs clash for the wealth of the mountain.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the biggest surprise of 2014. No one expected it to be a huge success. Despite its mediocre star cast and trailers the film turned out to be an absolute entertainer.

5. Gone Girl


David Fincher’s Gone Girl was the most difficult film to be successfully made. The mystery of a missing wife on her anniversary turns out to be a nightmare. Rosamund Pyke and Ben Affleck give Oscar winning performances.

6.Captain America: The Winter Soldier


This is the first Captain America film after his brief introduction as The First Avenger and shared screen space in The Avengers. Cap 2 is a heavy duty action film in which Steve Rogers faces his old pal with the help of Agent Romanoff.

7. Transformers: Age of Extinction


This is kind of a semi-reboot to the Transformers franchise. Michael Bay gets Mark Walberg to play the lead in Age of Extinction where Autobots are hunted down until the rise of Optimus Prime.

8. The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – Part 1


Mocking Jay – Part 1 is the set up for the ultimate finale next year. A lot does not happen in it but it is enough to captivate you for its running time. Jennifer Lawrence grows as an actor with every film.

9. The Lego Movie


Innovation is exemplified in Phil Lordand Christopher Miller’s animation laugh riot. A simpleton guy is handed the reins of the Lego universe to save it.

10. The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner emerges as a stunning surprise unlike the herd of YA tryouts since Twilight and The Hunger Games. It’s a story about a bunch of boys trapped in a maze filled with death.


Top 10 books to be adapted into films in 2014

2014 will see the inception of a few fresh book series being adapted for super-hits. Some best-selling solo novels will see the light of the awaited screens. The existing adaptations will witness their sequels in the cinemas.

1. Mockingjay


Author: Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games trilogy has been a game-changer for Lionsgate. The first two films have been unanimously appreciated. Director Francis Lawrence and actor Jennifer Lawrence will give us the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 1.

2. Divergent


Author: Veronica Roth

The Divergent series is the latest adaptation by Summit Entertainment after the successful Twilight series. The first film titled Divergent stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Zoë Kravitz and is directed by Neil Burger.

3. The Hobbit


Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

The single novel has been adapted as a trilogy by Peter Jackson. The first two of them have been blockbusters. The finale The Hobbit: There And Back Again cannot disappoint.

4. Gone Girl


Author: Gillian Flynn

David Fincher has made this mystery thriller scripted by Gillian Fylnn. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pyke star as Nick and Amy Dunne respectively.

5. Dracula


Author: Bram Stoker

The horror classic will be remade by Gary Shore. Luke Evans plays the bloodsucker vampire Vlad Tepes. Sara Goden plays his wife.

6. Vampire Academy


Author: Richelle Mead

The young adult paranormal romance has been adapted by Mark Waters as Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. It stars Zoey Deutch, Danila Kozlovsky and Lucy Fry.

7. The Fault In Our Stars


Author: John Green

The blockbuster novel is being adapted by director Josh Boone. The romantic drama stars Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff.

8. The Monuments Men


Author: Robert M. Edsel

George Clooney has writen and co-produced The Monuments Men starring Matt Damon, Clooney, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and Cate Blanchett.

9. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For


Author: Frank Miller

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have made the sequel to their Sin City. The sequel stars Jessica Alba, Eva Green, Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson and Joseph Gordan-Lewitt.

10. The Maze Runner


Author: James Dashner

The best selling sci-fi mystery has been adapted by Wes Ball. It stars Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Sangster, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter.